MOD Music used in adverts!

Why is so much mod and 60's music used in TV adverts today? e.g. Ebay, Amazon Kindle, Asda George, that yoghourt one with Martine Mcutcheon, Freeview, KFC (northern Soul) Burger King, British Gas  etc

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  • If you want to know what song is being played get Record Collector they do a section on tracks being played on adds

  • Not just adverts, my mrs watches come dine with me and there,s always loads of mod music played on it.

  • Not a 60's band but love the peaugot ad with trailer trash Tracy bought album amazing sound 
  • Good music is just good music and people are slowly cottoning on to this. Perhaps add to that all of the Mods who went into the advertising and creative industries as newbies after college and possibly the 90's revival and they are now in the position to dictate entire campaigns. Et voila...?

    Just a thought.

    Also, things are cyclical, so while it's hip at the moment, in another year it will be disco friendly McNuggets again.

    • i think people are allowed to listen to motown ,stax or atlantic soul or whathaveyou without actually classing it as purely mod music .

      granted mods listened to that but its not owned by mod .

      its evocative of the era for a lot of people mod or not .

      one advert i did see that surprised me though was a bbc ad for the 60s detective show george genitals .

      they used secret affairs time for action played over the top of some sort of RSG type show that was supposed to be happening in georges beat where a moyder had been committed .

      reading inbetween the lines its probably because the secret affair tune will have cost the beeb far less in royalties than if they had used a more original song from that era !

    • No music is "owned by mod" since mod is not a legal entity (as a company, a person or a charity), it is a fashion style and the music belongs to the fashion style as opposed to any other fashion style.

    • That is also a completely true statement about the music in my eyes there Hubert.

      As for the example with the BBC which is a really good spot (I would say im a fan but of Georges Genitals??):  My past experience working in conjunction with people in the role of researchers for TV and film has unfortunatley left me to piece together my a theory that they just don't know their (Green) Onions. 

  • I blame the popularity of MAD MEN.

  • I know this is a cover of Labi Siffre/Madness's "It Must Be Love", but here in Australia we used it to advertise Huggies Nappies!

    Janice "O'll Get It Foive" Nicholls (famous for Thank Your Lucky Stars) advertises Skippy chocolate from Cadbury!

    The Dave Clark for Macca's currently airing in Australia! I know he owns the rights to Ready Steady Go!, but this?!

  • Ah, cool!

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