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Hello everyone,

glad to be part of this wonderful group. I'm a journalism and documentary student currently working on a short documentary project about mods and rockers. Im looking to interview a Mod or Rocker from the 60's. If you, or anyone you know, fits the bill, please shoot me an email at I'm based in Brighton but Im willing to travel around the south.

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    • Questions about the culture (music, fashion, motors), how it started, whether the media fueled it or killed it, thoughts on mod revival, and just trying to get a vibe of what it was like at the time

    • Thats all very good stuff Frames. Would you be willing to talk about more of those things in an interview? It would only be for a short student project, not for wide distribution

  • No offence, but when the media got involved more than 50 years ago, they couldn't get their facts right, let alone PAID BOTH Mods AND Rockers to fight each other and stir up trouble... just for the camera. I am not saying fighting and chaos NEVER happened, but SOME of it WAS orchestrated and instigated by the media in Britain. In Melbourne we all go for a ride, play tug of war - except the first year - and pretend to fight, all for charity and have a few laughs to celebrate what our British brothers and sisters (both in Mod AND Rocker subcultures) did before us. Matter of fact, I am going to the annual 59 Club Australia (Victoria Branch) Xmas Party on Saturday night.
    • Thank you for your comment. I don't take personal offence to the failures of the media. In fact, the way the media fanned the flames of the phenomenon is definitely part of the story I'm trying to tell.

    • I have a few 1960s original [British] Rocker mates, but they've moved over here to Australia, so would be of no use to your project. :-/ In fact, I haven't seen one of them since he and the missus moved to Queensland a few years back... It would be nice seeing them again.

    • This subject constantly comes up, as you live in Brighton why didn't you interview the oldest Mods at Brighton Mod Weekender in August???

      I expect most would say there wasn't a lot of thought about it, just young people following the fashion, music and transport of the time!

      Most of what you are asking about has been covered in Richard Barnes - Mods and Mods-A New Religion -Paul Anderson. If you haven't read them, do so. 

      Good Luck with the Documentary.

    • Thank you for the sources you recommended, I will definitely check them out. I wasn't in Brighton in August, and this project begun late October.

      It's good to have sources and do your reading but whatever I find in the books, I cant be the one relaying it to the camera. A Documentary is made up of interviews and Im looking for someone to interview.

      Would you, or anyone you know, like to participate in a short interview? Its only a 10 minute student film, not for wide distribution. 

    • Hi Falcone, I am one of the younger 2nd Generation Mods, I don't know any Originals. Try hanging round with Brighton Mods and get chatting to find out who was around in the 60s.

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