• Interestingly, it turns out the old Queen Mum was a fan of Jamaican Ska!


    ‘During one of her trips to the Caribbean in the Sixties she was introduced to ska music, which she became very fond of.'

    • Yeah, she was also into a bit of Oi, early Hip Hop, and Techno, Jungle, and Drum n Bass.
    • Another brilliant Ska tune The Skatalites 'Christine Keeler' Class selection of tunes John I'm not 100% mad keen on playing 7 hours non stop ska at a dance, but for Ska nuts, each to their own.
    • I must be honest I doubt if I could listen to anything for 7 hours! The great thing about clubs back in the day was that you got a mixture of Soul/R&B/Motown/Ska and the occasional touch of jazz and pop material which all made for a great mix. 
    • yep great selection.

      Broadway jungle is one of my all time favs

  • all of the Prince Buster ones are my favourite.

    I also liked U-Roy who had a different style of songs in the 70s, favourite being Cant Love Another.  He certainly could wail!


    • U-Roy was deejaying in 1961 and would certainly have spun most of those numbers. He started 'toasting' over the tracks he played and the rest is history.

      Of all the music I listen to, the original ska and the early trojan stuff gets the most play. Every one of those on John's playlist here are winners. I've been through it I don't know how many times already, and keep going back to the start.

  • What a cracking selection. I already had one or two of these on vinyl but there's a few I hadn't heard.
    Thanks John.
    • Glad you enjoyed them. I tried to be selective in that they cover the whole Ska spectrum but were all popular within the circle of Mods I associated with.
      They came from a variety of sources - some were popular in clubs, a few went mainstream, others I remembered from Blues parties and a few were just stuck in my memory banks!
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