Hi all, I'm a newbie on this forum, and I'm kind of getting reconnected with my original self, at last. The difficulty is, I'm not so svelte as I was back in the day. I notice a typical web search for mod style throws up loads of pictures of stick thin people looking great. I'm guessing you don't have to be thin to be a mod, but it all seems to be a hell of a lot easier when you're young. And thin(er). Any advice? Thanks in advance.

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  • Ivy League can be a good look as well when you're well-built, yes I agree, mate.

    Re hair: losing your hair means you can get into hats, which can be cool. Personally, I don't think hats suit me but that's OK, I've still got plenty of hair. I've noticed you're partial to a hat now and again though, Kai - and you carry it off well, sir.


  • Hi Carl

    I'm a newbie too - although a longtime lurker.

    Regarding your post, most clothes tend to look better when you're slim, although I think that's the case wth mod style more than most. Fit - as Billy says - really is the key though.

    A well-cut overcoat, jacket and trousers can make you appear much slimmer than you are. Think carefully about colours and patterns as well. Generally, plain or vertical patterns tend to make you look slimmer than checks or 'big' patterns.   

    As far as suits go, always go made-to-measure or bespoke, if you can afford it. If you buy off the peg, always take it to a tailor and get it altered. Fit really is everything. Same with shirts. Never, ever wear anything baggy. Some people think that baggy clothes will hide bulk but actually they only accentuate it.    

    By the way, Kai - I'm a longtime amirer of your style. You dress really well and have some really nice clobber. I think you are a good example of somebody who's not stick thin but still look very smart. You pull off what I would describe as almost a 'hard mod' look very well.


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