In various posts by various members there are a lot of venues mentioned, I thought it might be helpful if members could post when they thought that these venues started as a MOD venue/night and when they ceased to function as such, here to the best of my knowledge is what I remember-MARS BAR/COUNTDOWN - 1978/9 to 1980ROOSTER - 1979 to ?BELL GEORDIE - 1979/80 to ?SCENE CLUB - ? to ?GLASGOW ART SCHOOL - 1979GLASGOW TECH. - 1979As you will have noticed my memory is s*^*E, I suppose both the Tech and Art school were never mod venues or nights (neither was mars bar or bell geordie) but that is where we hung out as the scene started to develop. I was only in the scene club twice, its second night and a later night, however I couldn't go the no alcohol/bar situation. However dates fail me, so if any of the above are wrong please feel free to correct me (it may help me piece together my formative years LOL), please feel free to add to this list, it ould be most interesting to me anyway to find out when later venues opened, what type of venue/night was it and when did it finish

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  • And Andy, as you well know we are all a cool relaxed bunch here. But please don't think that it would be acceptable to wear your 'Frankie Says Relax' t-shirt in September ha ha.
    • Alright, Andy, come clean - how much Acid have you done?

      Yer brain is mince meat.
    • It is true that my brain is mush , and I would say that some of the acid I had was as they say , BAD ACID. I got freaked out , after being on it every wk end for months, I was sure everybody was going to kill somebody , anytime someone had a puzzled look about them , that set me of ! Some of my bad trips are Legendary . In the Scene Club , at the pictures, and at George Square one Christmas Eve when I thought everyone was going to get Lazer Frazzled by the christmas lights if they went into the Square. I was pulling up complete strangers and pleading with them not to go in, eventually big Frank and Vinny managed to calm me down. Mushrooms are more of a HAPPY JACK ! VIBE But as they say ASK FRANK ! or GRANDMASTER FLASH < !!!!!!!!!!!!! answers on the back of aTAB
  • I'm not telling you any more secrets Mr Murdoch, and apologies to April about getting the posts mixed up. All I will say in my defence is that I though since you had a moustache.....and leather bikers cap.....and string vest....and leather strides, well I thought that compared to that a bit of cross dressing was relatively normal ha ha.
    • I had a tache true, but it was Mik Paton who had all the leather gear if you remember , he still had until you and Alex snowdropped him and went back to your love shack in 60s swinging Prague !!!!!!!!
  • And yes, the Viva was rather pish it has to be said. It just shows you how low things had got. I'm sure they played King Kurt and other assorted bullshit music.
  • April, when someone tells you something in confidence you are not really meant to broadcast it on the website. So now that the secret is out, do you have any nice 60s dresses for the September do ha ha.
  • You don't get off that lightly April. In my defence I was just a wee innocent bystander caught up in the evil plans of the wicked Dr Alex Frackleton. They were all rubbish too if the truth be told. The stockings do sound great right enough ha ha.
    • aye well they don't look great but they do help. I didn't use them at Friday Street last month and my legs were killing me but it was worth it.

      Hey, these stockings are th same ones those old dears wore, you know the ones you bumped for their meds? hahaha. You could always come up here one time and steal all mine, I don't take them anyway. Makes me laugh that, I'd have paid for these meds years ago and now I don't take them when I need them

      Stephen just reminded me of the other place. We all went to the Viva at one point too, lol, that was bad
    • Chris , have we missed stuff ? Are you and Alex crossdressers, Trannies or what ? I have heard the full operation is expensive , so stick to the bike ya dyke ! another thought ! Chris and Alex can be female names to so that will save you a bit of cash as you wont have to change your names by deed poll , if you go for the full bhoona !!!!!!!! The JACK STRIKES BACK , BIG CHAP !
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