Since the 80's i've had numerous scooters, but for a period of time from 93' to 2005' what with running a business and starting a family the scooters were non existent. The clothes and the music were always a constant part of my life.On reflection i always felt that there was something missing having been an avid scooter owner/rider! The lack of scooter for me was'nt a financial decision but more to do with working 7 bloody days a week,it would only have stood in the garage.Seems to be a lot of similar stories on this site, not the back to mod stories more the back to scooter stories. Have to admit its the full monty feeling again,complete mod feeling yet again. So whats your opinion on this 'Can a mod trully be a mod without a scooter'.....:-)

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  • Somehow reggie i think ure spot on mate!

  • Mini is goin to auction,estimate.......£15,0000  as is !!!

  • Actually JB has jogged my mind that the difference in price between scooters and cars is important here too.  In 1978 scoots were very cheap and as important you never had to pass a test - you could just get on it!!  You only needed a provisional licence and there was no real need to take the test other than to get rid of the L plates which took away a bit of the look.


    Of course its very different today.  It also reminds me that one reason given for the closure of the Innocenti organisation was that in the late 60s  Lambo costs had risen to the point where for a bit more financial pain Italians could get a Fiat. The same would be true of a mini maybe in the UK at the time?



    • Total sense robert mate!!

  • or hows this for the 4 wheeled mods, a little TLC required me thinks!

    • Hubert, can u get me some of that wonder T cut please!!      :-)

    • Perfect nick,if you lived where Mod goddess lived lol.

    • Watch it bernard mate,she'll get you fot that one......LOL

  • Here's a little something for Andy,Reggie and JB.....maybe needs a little valet?  I'll stick to the scoots myself!!

    VESPA 400!

  • Seems we are split right down the middle on this topic,for the mods who ride the scoots...well they'' wouldnt have it any other way'' (pardon the secret affair pun)! And it seems the same for the non scooter riding mods? Can both be would seem so! Cant say i'll ever get the same feeling sitting in me car,even with the sounds on. But then we wouldnt all want to be the same...Right?

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