Modern life vs rose-tinted old life.

Is it me, or am i the only one who finds Adele`s voice a foghorn? The way most of the populus fawn over this triumph of volume over finesse is a mystery to me.

Also the current trend to make small cars HUGE (mini??? fiat 500 etc) is absolutely at odds with so called environmental concerns mental is about right!

Last rant for this page, the new scomadi looks and is ace BUT the chrome one looks tacky to my eyes, like i said is it me?

All of the above were better in our day (60`s), better singers, proper small cars and subtler scooter chrome!!

Hang on though the cars and scooters broke down a lot so actuallt only the singers were better and thats not up for argument so there!!!

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  • Existentialist modernism. Right here, right now...



    The Kinks - Waterloo Sunset (Official Audio) - YouTube
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    • I've owned an original mini but l don't think l would bend to fit in one now, l also had a 73 Ford Capri 1600GT and I've still got Lambrettas.The Fiat's look great but they are getting bigger now as well but l like the first version they brought out. The new mini is almost range rover size and again l like the first version of the new shape, as for scooters l don't like anything modern, plastic or reliable. By the way Al you and your car look great!
    • Talking of vintage and retro... I found this interesting website, care of Modculture:-

      Home - David Brown Automotive
      Welcome to the official website for David Brown Automotive Limited. A British design company, specialising in limited edition and bespoke handcrafted…
    • £80,000+ for one of the above Alan. Mad as hatters, ha ,ha. 

    • Italian and design go together like fish and chips, just a pity their rep on reliability is a bit shaky. Still, a lovely hot looking motor and cool geezer ;0)

    • Last century the quip was that FIAT stood for Fix It Again Tony. Can't personally vouch for the accuracy of that statement but the joke has stayed with me for a few decades.
    • The FORD Fixing Or Repairing Daily was another I seem to remember, ha ha. I must admit I did have a lovely FIAT Strada Abarth 130TC. I was never late, it was a beefy, speedy, hot hatch. After the umpteenth attempt to try and steal her off me by the hot hatch riders, I got rid then got myself a Fiesta RS Turbo, nightmare! I sat up all night with my two dogs and a baseball bat waiting for the buggers after two attempts, but fell asleep around 4am. Next morning, nothing but an empty space where my beloved once stood, gutted to say the least... Gotta say, loved the hot hatch days, big booming speakers and waking up the neighbours. Now I think back, it was probably the bloody neighbours that had 'em knicked ;0) 

    • For sure.
    • Really like those motors Alan. We are not due a new one for a while but I would seriously consider one of those wee Fiat's. Even if they were not so hot mechanically which I am sure they are, they look pretty neat.
    • We had an Uno as our first motor way back in 1991 and then around 1997 had a sporty version on the Tipo Alan.The latter one was an excellent motor apart from one drawback. It hated extremely wet weather and it is not exactly unknown for it to rain in the West of Scotland ha ha. The 500 looks great right enough and i am sure they have got over their water aversion by now.
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