Modern life vs rose-tinted old life.

Is it me, or am i the only one who finds Adele`s voice a foghorn? The way most of the populus fawn over this triumph of volume over finesse is a mystery to me.

Also the current trend to make small cars HUGE (mini??? fiat 500 etc) is absolutely at odds with so called environmental concerns mental is about right!

Last rant for this page, the new scomadi looks and is ace BUT the chrome one looks tacky to my eyes, like i said is it me?

All of the above were better in our day (60`s), better singers, proper small cars and subtler scooter chrome!!

Hang on though the cars and scooters broke down a lot so actuallt only the singers were better and thats not up for argument so there!!!

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    • A powder blue 500...
    • A nice retro Italian shade Kai, a pair of powder blue Dusty`s will be next....Ha-ha.

  • bang on about Adele and all the so called talent of today .just think about the sixties not just the Beatles. stones etc but all of hhe groups and solo artists .now you are talking talent will the modern aren't be around in 50 yrs time .most of them are gone after one hit .
  • Agreed about Adele; Amy Winehouse was far far far far better! As for great contemporary voices check out all of the Daptone acts, countless acts on Italian label Record Kicks, on german labels Copase Disques and Soundflat, or Spanish acts like The Excitements or Sweet Vandals. There's plenty!

    • Thanks for the education on European acts Kai! Amy Winehouse was pretty good but the tortured drunk routine leaves me a bit cold. Danke for the input its good to reach across the continent.

    • I should think so, Ken! Most of my current favourite acts are French atm.
  • Blimey I thought I was the only one who felt that about Adele, amazing how someone with an ok voice can go on to sell many millions, I'm sure you could find similiar singers at any club up and down the country.  I guess when you have a huge corporation behind you you don't need that much talent, it's always been like that though hasn't it?  Maybe more so thesedays especially with the ever tightening grip of the music corporations who will always play it safe, maybe thats when the current music scene is so bland. 

    The majority of the general public aren't interested in seeking out music so when they are spoonfed the likes of Adele and Coldplay they become very successful.

    One good thing about the interweb is you can still find great music.

    • You make a good point about big corporations pushing mediocre talent Dave, my contention would be the talent they were pushing in the 60s were the likes of Dusty Springfield (the greatest in my book), Petula Clarke, Judith Durham and Lulu all truly talented AND had a versatility that went beyond one dull ballad after another.

       A blast from the past to check out on youtube; 5 o clock world by the vogues, a no. 5 hit in the states in 65 did nowt over here, great song tho!

  • Totally with you on the awfully average (at best) Adele

    I was beginning to think it might just be me!!!

    Ian B

    • I'm so relieved there are others who think Adele is over rated.  Foghorn is a really good description.  I prefer Palloma Faith's voice... more range but have gone off her since The Voice!

      I always thought Diana Ross has a Rolls Royce of a voice.  The opening lines to Stoned Love give me goosebumps whenever I hear it (as opposed to battered ears!)


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