MODesty August Bank Holiday Special

Following the success of last year's August Bank Holiday Modesty night, why not join us at Al Duomo, 7 Pavilion Buildings, Brighton on August 25th for the only "Smart Dress Only" event of the weekend? 

Featuring a stunning line up of top DJs (..... oh & me!) in a cool basement club underneath an Italian Restaurant (what's not to like?)

Tickets will go on general sale at the end of the montth, but Early Bird tickets available already by Paypal ( Friends & Family ) from: 
(Don't forget to include your address details in the notes)

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    • Can`t see 2020 as a problem Bec, hopefully I will be retired by then and a man of leisure, though 2019 may also be a possibility ;-) I`m hoping to do Linz next year too and I have the North east weekender in 2019 also.

    • I have already promised people that I will try my utmost to go next year Becs but who knows, maybe I can do the following year too. I am  very much like you in not being a big drinker. I have the occasional  drink for medicinal purposes only plus maybe one at New Year as a nod to tradition.

    • I know, I know... ;-)

      Let's see about that one... If I'm able get funds together, I could try and fly to Schipol - to meet a Dutch non-Mod mate and stay with him for a while and we could drive to Linz. I will talk to him about it. Again, if I'm on benefits...

    • Don't forget Linz 2020, Bec! ;-)

    • That's why I thought 2020 was ideal, too... as somebody who has to wear glasses... ;-)

      So if you boys (Chris, Gary, Harry, Alan, Kail) can hold off a MG reunion at Brighton until 2020, I'd be most appreciative... I'd buy you all ONE drink each as a thank you. I am not a big drinker and don't do shouts usually. I will not be buying drinks for the girls, sorry in advance...

    • How about I go to the exhibition and stay in London for 2 weeks in 2019 (I really want to go opening night as MQ could be there, then) and then in 2020, go to the Brighton Mod Weekender?

      That way - if I'm still on benefits - the government is not suspect on my travels abroad. A gf of mine told me that if you're on benefits and go overseas for more than 5 weeks, they cut you off and you have to reapply. Makes sense because instead of holidaying, you should be working... I wish I lived in the UK as I could just get train or bus to all of these f'king events... :-(

    • Ok let's do it then! :-)

    • I will still try to... I am hoping to go to London next April for a V&A Mary Quant exhibition...

    • 2020 is a good vision (pardon the pun) to me too ;0)

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