• Here its weird. There's the Racist skins, then there's the anti-racist skins who go picking fights with the racists and anyone who doesn't agree with them starting fights with them amongst others. I personally don't agree with racism, but I'm not gona go pick a fight with them. You never know who is carrying a gun these days. A lot of the newer skins have no clue of how it all began. (I'm just going by the scene in Pittsburgh) They think you need to wear Bens, Fred's, Docs, and braces and listen to Oi! I've met some with no idea of
    Reggae, Ska and Soul. Mainly fashion police (If you don't wear certain things or have your head stubble a certain length, you're not a skin)

    As far as mods? There's none here in my area or Pittsburgh that I know of. I'm the only one as far as I'm concerned. There are a few skins who own scooters and play Mod for a day tho.

    • Not sure how many skins are around Glasgow nowadays but I certainly never see many . A few years ago the band called the 4 skins were playing in Glasgow and i saw a few around that day. One muppet had on a black pilot jacket with a swastika on one sleeve and a union jack on the other.
  • I think it all depends on where you live. In the 1960s, Mods and Sharpies (see relevant topic on the MG) didn't get along here in Australia.

    Skins and Mods didn't get on here in Australia during the Revival period, either - from what [Revivalist/1960s style] friends have told me, but in my experience as a "Britpop"/3rd Generation Mod, I haven't experienced that at all. Sure, we'd take the piss out of each other in a joking sense - clothing etc - but that's because it's all water under the bridge and that both scenes are reletively small in comparison to somewhere like UK. It was only the day after my birthday only recently that I met a Skinhead at a Northern/Motown Soul do who knew Skinhead mates of mine in Melbourne and in Sydney (by coincidence) and that he actually didn't mind a bit of Northern Soul, either.

    A few years back, I even met a Bonehead who shook my hand once - long story - and told me he respected Mods "because [he] was once a Rude Boy..." Work that one out. I was completely taken aback.

    • We certainly did not get on in the early 80s, but then there is no doubt at all that a lot of skins here were racists. All you needed for proof was to look at the graffitti on any of the shops in schemes or walls. It was all skins and nf or bm. I know not every skinhead even then was into that stuff, but there did seem to be quite a bit of it around. It did not bother us too much tbh as we just did our own thing and hung around the city centre. There was also far too many of us for skins or any other group to bother us, so we never got hassle from them the way I heard Mods down south did. Talking to younger Mods things started changing towards the mid 80s when some skins started to listen to soul as well as ska/reggae. I even went to see the Redsins in 86 and I have to say they were brilliant. At that point I sort of made the assumption that all smart looking skins were anti racist, the Morecambe scooter rally of 1986 soon changed that notion.
    • Fortunately all skinheads I come across now are the real deal -with interest in the music and the culture and style -.Late 70s and Eighties they tended to be horrible and mostly all extreme right wing .

      They attached themselves to bands that didn't want anything to do with them ; Peter and the Test Tube Babies -Glasgow Penthouse turned into a mass brawl .
      In my experience -tended to be bigger in places like Motherwell ,Perth and Dundee .
      The Scottish all comers 1500 metres record was broken by me and my pal in Stirling 1981 assisted by a chasing pack of angry skins .
    • I think you may be right there Scott. There was certainly a few skins that hung around the various schemes of Glasgow back in the early 80s, but in comparison to Mods the numbers were negligible. Places such as Motherwell, Airdrie, and maybe down in Ayrshire would maybe have been a different story. When we all went down to Scarborough in Easter 82 a few of the remaining Mods went down to Ayr for the bank holiday Monday. They stupidly started a fight with some skins before realising they were outnumbered by at least ten to one. They were chased around the town for a while before catching a train back to Glasgow.
  •  It's a shame Skinheads get so much attention on Mod Forums.....I doubt the reverse happens. Mods have Class....Skinheads don't. The Classic Skinhead took lots of Mod Clothing Levis,Fred Perry,Ben Sherman,Suits,Loafers  Brogues and more,Ska Music...Then Scooters!!! From the 60s when the Mod Scene died out...Some would have been Hard Mod Style(Shorter Hair) who became the Late 60s Classic Skinhead or the Mods younger Brothers.The Scooterist Scene is now full of mainly watered down versions of Skins,  Especially where I am in Cornwall, some are also on the Northern Soul Scene.. The  Scooter Skins Dislike Mods and Listen to Ska/2Tone/Other Bands. I was a kid Skinhead...Then quickly moved on when I discovered MOD....In my experience most Skinheads are undesirables.     

    • I agree with a lot of what you say there tbh. I would not go near a mainstream scooter rally or even buy scootering magazine anymore. I know some Mods who have been in recent times and their experiences have not been positive re comments about Mods. There were other aspects that put them off but I would prefer to stay away from politics on the forum. I cannot say that I know any skins nowadays and i have nothing against the few who frequent our clubs and seem interested at least in some of the music. But as you say i doubt very much that there is any reciprocation of interest on skinhead forums so cannot quite understand why anyone on a Mod site would care one way or another.
    • In around about 1980, me and a couple of mates went camping to a North yorkshire seaside town, I was sixteen at the time. Twenty plus Skinheads, started hurling pebbles at our tent, this lot were all in their twenties and were with Skin girls too, who were also shouting threats. Me and one of my mates decided to go and ask them what the problem was and they all pulled out knives and hammers, fortunately some dude intervened and put us in his car and took us to the bus station, these gits ran to the bus station to catch us there, but fortunately we were on the first bus out of there, which took us miles from home, but out of reach of a kicking or even worse. Sadly these clowns had no idea of the fate that awaited them as we were part of a crew of 150 strong, from rough council estates, that consisited of many competent amatuer boxers, soccer thugs and general psychopaths for whom a prison sentence held no fear. When the crew heard of the audacity of these Skinheads, the following weekend around thirty cars and vans from these estates, made their way to the said seaside town, seeking out every Skinhead in every pub and hospitalising them, their town was left in a sorry state and North Yorks Police escorted our lads from the  area. The Skin scene up there, seemed to fizzle out somewhat after that and not much long after the 150 strong crew, went their seperate ways, some of them getting married, some having kids of their own and some doing long stretches inside, there are still pockets of them who watch each others backs but they are old old buggers like me now and probably Grandads never mind Dad`s....Ha-ha. On the other hand I used to attend many gigs in my town and stood side by side with the locals Skins from here, I wore my Parka, jeans, dessies and there was never an issue, we used to have a bit of banter to be honest.

    • Well it served them right for picking on and harrassing a couple of strangers for no reason Al. We did not have much tolerance for skins and thankfully for them we never saw any at the various gigs we attended at the time. Towards the end of our Mod scene we started to mix with some skins and they were okay people, not quite the shaven headed hitlers we thought they all were. Not sure if they would have reverted to type if amongst a big group of their own but individually they were okay.
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