Mods at Buckingham Palace

Hi Mods & Modettes

Does anyone know something on the mods events of 5th november 1966?
I've heard from mods who have charged with their scooters the Buckingham Palace! But I know nothing more

Thank's in advance

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  • Ok, as the topic starter seems to have lost interest in this subject (I don't blame him), am I right to assume that this alleged charge on Buck House did not leave an impression on anybody whatsoever?

    I am asking because I would see this as the last uproar of the original scooter-Mods, as a lot of Mod-scooters would have disappeared terminally from the public perception that winter. That in itself, I find, would be of major significance.
  • Paxton Rd end, a pint of black diamond in each hand , now were talking nostalgia........

  • I think I have it.

    The mighty Tottenham had just given West Ham another spanking 4-0 and Gilzean scored all 4, perhaps they were waiting for him to get his medal !!


    Come On You Spurs.............





  • Mods or not, Damn, what was happening in front of Buckingham this 5th November 1966... (guess it's not a whole fantasy!)

  • Nice fishing...but about Mod attack? :)

  • Well thats the first I have ever heard of it, Buck house is not far from our manor and I would have thought anything like that going on we would have known about it, interesting if there was any truth in it.

    I would definately not have been involved as my family are related to the royals........ now that not in my profile is it ?

    • Are you German Derek lol.
    • Graeme

      No mate we are from Shoreditch !! proper cockney's me old china .

      We only found out recently we are related to the Mountbattens who of course are ' Royal' my wife's family have direct lineage back to 500ad and were the Lords of Kent, had no idea !!

      but back to Buck house attack, I am going to research it just to see what happened,



      your probably right mate most peoples names derived from their profession , I checked yours out

      Wikipedia says  'Kai. Pronunciation, Keye. Gender, Unisex '

      does that mean crossdresser ? lol

    • Crossdressing mackrel?
    • I guess mine has something to do with 12 inches then.
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