Mods in Kent.

Ok so I'm Lucy, I'm 18 in Kent. And I don't know any other mods. I just want to know if there are any in Kent, or if I'm the lone Mod here.

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  • Hi Lucy, I'm 20 and from Kent. Live in the Sevenokas/Bromley area.

  • Modraphenia playing Regans Bar, Thong Lane, Gravesend this Sunday at 4pm
  • No Lucy you are not alone. Although the age range is wide. I am a late 70's early 80's throw back but lots of young Mods come and see our band Modraphenia. We are playing Earls Bar in Maidstone on Sat 14th Feb 9pm and Regans Bar (also acts as Sentinals Scooter Club HQ) on Sunday 22nd Feb 4pm (afternoon gig). You will be amongst lots of like minded Mods. Come along and meet some Mods!!! Oh, Modraphenia play Small Faces, Kinks, Who and Motown etc etc. Regards Andy Bright AKA Beezer
  • Aren't there any mods in Kent?... Even in Madrid there are mods!, ha ha ha

    • Didn't you read the replies?

    • Yes, I did. It was a joke.

  • Hey i know the feeling im from sheffield and i dont see many mods here im lone mod my self. I love to be friends if you like to be friends.

  • Hi Lucy I'm 22, and in the kent\london region. I've seen loads of younger mods about. And there are even a few nights that are primarily mods. But they are more on your way into London. Depends how far in Kent you are. 

  • Hi Lucy and anyone else that may be interested. For this very reason (and like many others cant describe myself as that young any more early 40's LOL) I started a face book page called "Mods In Kent" as I have spoken to a few people recently who know about things here and there but nothing concrete about stuff happening all over kent to go to or get involved with. There had to be people out there that are like minded but no central hub to make as a point of reference so thought I would try this (which seems odd in this day and age of social media and other people have done it in other areas of the country and world). I felt it important to leave it an open group that anyone could join as long as they have something to do with mods in kent so open to 1st gen, revival like myself, but especially would love to see younger gens coming on board as these are the guys that are gonna keep the scene going when im long gone (hopefully not for a very long time lol). so if its ok with the moderators the link is.



    Let me know your thoughts please as im interested in any feedback about this.



  • Forgot to mention this as well - some great bands and DJs in Rochester on Aug 3rd
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