Mods in Pennsylvania?

So, I know there's already a ton of these posts, but I haven't had any luck finding mods in my area (Boyertown, PA.) I know, it's  Boyertown. Nothing good exists here. The problem is, I'm kind of stuck here until I move out, so, any mods in or around Boyertown, preferably around my age (15)?

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  • From Columbus, OH. Make it to Pittsburgh often

    • Try to. Things got really political in the Polish hill area and I dont like that too much. I miss the days when people went to shows to have fun and kept things to themselves. Being A good chunk Native American, im against racism n stuff, but I dont go looking for trouble. 

      I haven't heard much going on in other areas down there as far as Mod related stuff. If there is, I'd like to know. Ive been to down to the South side a few times to see the Oi! Band ,"The Traditionals".Im old friends with those guys and "the Sussed". Other than that, its quiet.

  • Hate to the bearer of bad news, but its not looking good guys ha ha

    • Lol. true.

    • Yep. Lol. Pennsylvania is not even a state. Its a commonwealth. People here dont get things. There's only a few people who get Mod here. It's hard to explain P.a. residents. 

  • Mount Pleasant Pennsylvania. Right here. A bit older than you, but im up for making friends with anyone who is into mod from this state. Theres more somewhere.

    • Hello, sorry it took so long for me to reply. I've been in the midst of a bit of a mod crisis and haven't been on the site for a while. I can only hope that a mod community will soon sprout up around here, i've been lookig for mod  gatherings but haven't had any luck, also trying to get my hands on a scooter.

    • Unfortunately, it's the same here in many parts of the UK. There aren't really that many Mods our age here either, at least not where I live (I'm literally the only one I know). 

    • You are not alone, Matt. There are scooter clubs, most notably the Modrapheniacs in Bournemouth, that I am aware of... and if you're into Northern Soul, there are night outs and the odd weekender. Check them out and meet others of a different age to you if you feel 'alone and nobody understands...'.At least you live in the UK. I was a teenger in the 1990s and in Australia... The friends and mates I have had since 2006 (5 years after I finished High School) are aged between 50-70, roughly) and either were around in the 1960s or in the 1980s. If and when I go back to the UK to visit family in Bournemouth (my Mum is from there, been here in Oz since 1960), I will be checking this out for myself.

      You just have to put yourself out there. It's the one of the only ways - without being on Facebook (or even Myspace back then) - that I did that.

    • Perhaps there should be a club for lone Mods like ourselves

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