Mods & Mohair (by John Leo Waters)

We are incredibly lucky here to have guys like John and Rob (and also of course Irish Jack) adding personal insights into the original (and greatest) time for mods - where the ideal was indeed modern and every song and style was a new one. They were THE mods.

John has added another article on mods and their thread of choice - Mods and Mohair

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  • Photo looks a bit odd,it might just  angle photo taken.But the guy on left looks like, his head was added at a later date.

  • Any one remember going to Levie,s ware ho use,in Petticote lane.Used to sell tonic mohair.Three and a half yards got you enough for ,a jacket and two pairs of strides.Then down to the east end,to a little taylor,to get your suit made.
    • Well as most of my father's friends who weren't doctors were in the rag trade I got my suitings free and often the suits dirt cheap too. But I do recall many places selling suitings down the lane.

      An iimportant job in the rag trade was that of layer - the guy who determined how the patterns should be laid out on the fabric to get the right effect and the best use of the rolls. And so many of the out-worker still managed to produce cabbage which found its way to the lane!

  • I think it was 1967 that I had a suit made in a hopsack alpaca - black three piece:

    a) the trousers were high waisted with no waistband nor belt loops or anything and the tailor asked me how they were meant to stay up. I told him if he made them to fit they would - and they did.

    b) very wide flare my father called "fandango"

    c) no pockets!

    c) waistcoat with very long points, no pockets, no belt - again tailored to fit

    d) long jacket covering bum with narrow square shoulder line, slim lapels, no button holes on lapel or cuff - no outside pockets, just a cigarette pocket in the lining

    e) four button

    f) no vents

    Should have been saved for posterity as it was still in pristine condition when I grew out of it!

    • Adrian, you should have kept it!  I kept my best suit-given that I left England with only one suitcase it had to be special.  Actually I also was carrying a three foot long Wilkinsons Artillery Officers sword which I had bought as an investment to take to "The Colonies".  I simply carried it onto the Laker Airways flight and asked the the cute stewardess what I should do with it.  "Your not going to stick me up are you?" she asked....  I stowed it in the overhead bin for the flight.

      The suit I had made on the Kings Road, by two very Mod guys-there is no label in the suit so I cannot id them.  I managed to get it on for an 'Old Timers' dance a few years ago but had to take a razor blade to the waistcoat to make it fit.  The jacket and coat I could get into but dancing was a dodgy business!

  • thanks john for the post. i just love my mohiar suits thay look and feel the bizz almost 50 years on but im sorry i just bought a tweed sports jacket with militry pockets and a purpule velvet coller. john was that a good one bitd? i llke it now thats probly what counts, but id like your opinion? one of my favirort vintage suits came from hector pow a nice bum frezzer box type 3 button number with a nice mohiar weve. my favirot double brested came from lord john.
    • Sounds excellent. The contrasting velvet collars were very popular at one time. I had a suede jacket with a leather collar and of course the overcoats with velvet collars were really the business. I owned a couple of sports jackets back in the day. They really went well with fred perrys and levis. I had a prince of wales check one made by Aubrey Morris which was top notch and lasted me for years. Double breasted never really caught on apart from reefer jackets but became popular in the late sixties when the 'military' look came in. I must admit I never was agreat fan of the look (Sgt Pepper and all that). But,as they say, variety is the spice of life!
    • I had an overcoat in a black wool/cashmere blend that had a velvet collar - I was 14 and wore it for school! You can imagine...

    • hi john the double brested that ive got is in the reefer style made with a light brown tonic. being from carnaby st i took it it was from the later sixtys. i like it for a wee change now and again. i was thinking may be a nice white polo neck with the tweed jacket. i like a tweed in the winter grate for keeping out the cold. i also got a nice burgondy lether trench coat that im looking forward to wearing soon. a good excuse to get a new brown pin stripe suit i think.
    • Barry,where did you get the burgandy trench coat,i got a burgandy leather reefer in Byres Rd.But now looking for a bootle green trench coat in leather.
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