MODS n Smoking???

DO MODS Smoke these Days??? As a young Mod I smoked heavily into my early 30s, many 60s Musicians we liked did and it seemed part of Mod during 79 onwards. I particularly remember hunting down French cigarettes a certain Mr Weller was smoking during The Style Council days. Are many of us still smokers or healthier Mods these Days? 

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  • Have never smoked, have always hated and thought it the most uncool thing ever. All my nearest family have been smokers most now given up except my mum who is now 75 going on a 100 with chronic heart disease I really hated growing up in a house that had yellow ceilings and stunk like an ashtray. When I was a baby I nearly died in a house fire caused by a lit cigarette butt falling down the back of a sofa.

    These days the smoking ban helps because your life is less affected by smokers, during the Mod revival you would go out for a night, come back with a sore throat and your clothes absolutely reeking of the muck.

    Now I have reached the grumpy old man stage of life you can get away with telling smokers to pick up their butts and telling some grey looking sad arse who sits next to you on the train smelling like shit that you are moving seat because you can't stand sitting next to someone who smells of rancid cigarette smoke for the next hour.

    Any smoker who thinks they are cool are sadly deluded. They are supporting an industry that perpetually has to recruit new gullible fools to their customer base because they are killing off their existing customer base.

  • Well I did smoke until about 2 weeks ago.However I have just had to have an operation to eleviate lung issues(trust me this is not a good option) and am glad to say that never will I touch another.I am despite this in the healthier category due to cycling my entire life.So I would say NO its not really that cool.

    • That's true! Working in a hospital myself I've seen quite a few people dying of lunge cancer...before that I used to smoke a few cigs a day and made fun about the whole health risks, but see things different now - I don't want to drown in my own snot and the pleasure of a cig isn't worth the miserable death it can eventually lead to.

    • Well Kevin,I'm lucky enough to say mine wasn't cancer related but its funny how your mind can divert you from the harsh reality of it all.

    • Glad to hear that John, you've been lucky! It's funny, I've talked to lots of lunge cancer patients and they all told me that they actually knew about the risks of smoking but always thought they would be the lucky ones that die as 95yr old smokers without ever getting cancer.

  • I smoke Chesterfield Reds. They're actually one of the cheapest cigarettes going at the moment too at only £5.99 a pack. I know that smoking technically isn't cool, but it does make me FEEL quite cool, and my non-smoking friends don't help by saying things like "you really look cool when you smoke..." WTF. I probably will quit eventually, when I'm older. Just not right now. I do actually like it. I quit for 5 years, then started again so I can quit if I want to, ha.

  •  I personally do. (16 y/o mod) but not sure about others my age

  • Come on and get real - smoking is not cool, costs you money better spent on clothes, and will wreck your health!


    • Agreed....NO one said smoking Is/Was Cool.....Just a bit of Mod Nostalgia discussion on it.

  • Don't know if ever was cool but still smoking and kidding myself on that I'm not quitting because I like it not because I am addicted. Standing outside pub when everyone else inside not that cool but hey someone's got to
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