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Hi folks,


I hang with a few cliques in Sheffield and the lack of good neat clothing is shockingly bad. Don't get me wrong they are great people but I'd say from a total of around 40 people only about 6 of them wear a suit let alone own one and I find this truly a sad state of affairs. So my question to you folks is how many people in your circle wear a suit?


It seems to me that most people consider themselves being a mod because they wear a Fred Perry polo with the top button done up. Since the FP appears to be in fashion at the moment, it could mean that people are trying to pass themselves off as mod but have little understanding of the culture and would probably be a punk or somethinig the next week; to them it's just a fancy dress party which they do at the weekend. I'm sorry if I come across a bit brash or snotty, but it's how I feel about things? Any of you people relate to this?

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  • I like a nice suit, had one on at our (Heavy Mod) gig on Friday night.

    • Looking good Micky - like the suit, but it seems whoever took the pic was more interested in focusing on your!!


      Where was the gig mate?

    • Haha yeah, Hartlepool Beer Fest.

  • I'm hoping to get my first real suit next year when I graduate. Haven't had a proper one since I've been growing alot lately so I've only worn the top part

  • If like me it takes you about 2 hours to get ready (indecisive) ...then casual or suit...I always give in if its the weekend and go for the mohair...

    As for the start of this thread..someone who pulls on a FP polo for the first time and proclaims himself mod....needs a head check. I used brush straight past those in the 80s...I knew they would give up!

    Are you watching,  Pretty Green???

  • If i could afford it, i'd probably have around 12000 suits, but alas i can't... But i have one, and i wear it as much as possible, and sometimes stick the blazer on with some jeans and a smart button down shirt. A smart suit is the way to go

  • I have a nice 2 button suit slim fit very mod look,could not find a good3 button suit ,just brought a pair of tonic mohair mod dress trousers 40.00 a pair hopefully be worth it as I like too kept up my mod dress sense question is it still cool too wear desert boots with suit trousers lol
    • " is it still cool too wear desert boots with suit trousers lol"


      Dbs should NEVER be worn with a suit (in my humble opinion) as they are casual shoes


      Ian B

    • Totally agree with Ian, desert boots and a whistle is a big no, no
  • i had a girlfriend who wore suits, 3 and 4 button, tho tailored to her figure ofcourse, and waisted,  with button down shirts, and cravats etc, she looked amazing standing next to the girls at the bar in there huge hair, tangoed make up and over tight skirts...tho she got some funny looks, as she had short hair too, and minimal make up...would love to see more mod girls wearing suits...

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