• Nice read
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    • Cheers Alan, I love it I'll always be into it now!! I know mate just instantly recognised you haha. Yeah that was strange, great meeting you too mate sure I'll see you out and about in the Boro over the Xmas period! 

  • The coming of age thing happened with me too! I got bored of the "Skater" look, and all the chavs, so I decided to have a look for something new, My dad was telling me about his "Mod days", and there we have it, fred perry, levis, Paisley, and smart clothes later, I'm a mod, always will be. I'm 16 mate, and the "Coming of age" happed maybe 6 months ago, Loving it, it's exciting, new and unique. Just today, someone said "Whats with the army jacket" obviously trying to poke fun at my parka, but like you, I dont give a fuck. Anyways mate, nice reading your post, could relate to it. I will be definitely be following your blog. Keep it up!

    • Thanks ever so much chaps!!! Glad to hear you both dig what we are writing!! Nice Joel, It's a great coming of age man, pleased you have found your way into the best Subculture in the world! Cheers Motown hopefully influence the youth with modernism!! KTF Chaps! 

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