Have any of my fellow Mods ever done Movember before?


I'm finally taking the plunge and going for it!


I normally would never go for it, always clean shaven but it is for a good cause! My only concern is how do I keep it mod friendly? Any tips??

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  • As there's not long left until shave time I thought I would stick up my effort.


    Please excuse my evil look haha, I'd been drowning my sorrows for awhile before this was taken.

    Edit: My photos are still coming out sideways ahhhhh!

  • If anyone has any spare money lying around that they don't want feel free to donate to me or my work team



    Any donations big or small will be appreciated, it is for a great cause.



  • Ok SNOW, maybe the frenchie's a bit too ambitious. It's the a la souvarov then! :0)

  • Spoilt for choice, a bit of fun for a good cause. I fancy the French Fork! ;0)3297801121?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024

  • I dont know whether you guys are registered on the website for movember, but theres a team on there called movember mods :) so if you register, be sure to join

  • I'll be joining in :) i think im gunna go with the pencil moustache or some italian or french inspired look

  • I did it last year and realised that bumfluff is all I can manage, still going to do it again this year, fingers crossed for a little more. I have cheated a little though, because I haven't needed to leave the house for a while I've let it grow a little early.

  • This is of course with the assumption that I can even grow more than a Justin Bieber worthy bumfluff moustache to trim and style!!


    Keep it trimmed and neat like Paul's.  I always found his moustache to look rather sharp!

  • My moustache needs at least 8 weeks of growing and praying to pagan gods to look decent, so Movember is always Mod friendly to me - after 4 weeks of growing it looks like a famished shadow under my nose.

    However the most Mod friendly moustache - and this combination of words should be impossible in a perfect Mod world - would be in my opinion the clean trimmed 'Freddy Mercury' or 'American Cop'-Moustache. At least you don't look like a leather covered Harley rider with such a moustache.

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