• Taking the weight off my feet in Durham today, dreadful weather, p**sed down all day long :-(

    • Very smart and a great picture Alan.

    • Much appreciated Harry ;-)

    • Well done to you Al. You deserve a lot of plaudits going out in that horrible weather still determined to look smart. Most people would admit defeat and wear gear that looks crap but is good for such conditions.

    • You are too kind Chris, I was just thankful that the high winds had dropped, otherwise I may not have been so brave, I take it you noticed the brolly on the seat.

    • Yes, i did indeed mate. It sounds as if the weather was similar to up here on Saturday. We were out during the morning and it never stopped raining. Thankfully it went off later as I was meeting a few mates to go to Tailor Made Mod club. Great night and bumped into Scott McLeod whose friend was doing a DJ slot.

    • Saw two pics of our Chris at the Barony on FB; lovely! Is it true TM is abandoning the venue, Chris?

    • Hi Kai. Yes, that is true mate. Next month will see the last Tailor Made at the Barony. They are moving back to Blackfriars. The Barony is great fior the weekender and some of the more busy TM nights, but some nights when it was quiet its size went against it. Blackfriars is a more realistic venue size wise and I think most people prefer it to the Uni.

    • Yes agreed. Apart from the space on offer I like Blackfriars much better. That is not to say I don't like the Barony, but your point is plain to see...

    • I think Blackfriars is more what we would think of with regards to a traditional Mod club. Somewhere with the capacity of the barony is certainly needed for the weekender but aside from a few other times a year the smaller Blackfriars does the job. There are better boozers down that side of the town too.

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