• We need some more fit pics!

    It's not often I get to wear my old man's  Crombie but dug this out for a recent work trip to frigid Buffalo, NY. More details on the blog ...


    • Nice coat Rod, been contemplating something similar myself recently. 

    • Cool as ever Kai.  I managed to find the willpower to delete the shopping basket that had two pair of chukka boots in it, based solely on the discussion yours started - don't know how long I'll last out though. ;o)

    • However- very happy about mine, Steve! :-)

    • Looking sharp Alan. 

    • Cheers Steve, not strictly Mod, but more Ivy, a look I really like.

    • Agh! But then what is "strictly" mod?  Ivy League was certainly one of the influences. It was for me, coming from a skinhead starting point, which I personally saw as an extension of Mod anyway. Most of the elements were there already (and the Ivy League look was well established in both camps; John Simon's Ivy Shop was a short bus ride away for me and and the recipient of much of my hard earned cash).
      My other big influence was Jamaican rude boys who I encountered on forays to Shepherds Bush Market, hanging out at Ceaser's record stall (Trojan and subsidy labels only) or the Pama outlet in a basement on the other side of the Uxbridge Road, waiting for the latest imports to be unpacked and played - the other main benefactors of my schekels. Nowadays I embrace it all, up to and including the peacock years, just depends on how I feel on the day.

    • Good reply Steve and I agree. In 1978 I was really into the Beach boys, Jan and Dean and the Pasadenas, those days I wore college cardigans, chino's, loafers and always sported a side parting, I wandered from look to look really but I always loved to be in a sharp suit. As with your good self, what I decide to wear, depends on my mood and the weather of course.

    • Lovely. A classic look. 

    • Cheers SR, I find myself going for this look more often lately.

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