• Not what I wore today but six weeks back when I walked my youngest down the aisle. Not bespoke but an off the peg panic buy from Gresham Blake in Brighton, when I realised that my promise to shed half a stone for the big day just wasn’t going to happen. Very pleased with it, lovely material, working cuff buttons, really nice.

    Of more note to this forum though is the pervasive influence of the sixties on my daughter’s style (her late mother was a mod too). Her dress is a fairly faithful replica (with copper trim customisation) of the dress worn by Emily Browning as Frances Shea in the Krays biopic, Legend. 

    The dress was made by a saintly retired seamstress for the princely sum of £40!!!  She would not take a penny more, God bless her. 

    • Congratulations Steve. Both you and your daughter looked fantastic on the day, but hopefully you will forgive me fior saying your daughter put you well in the shade despite your fine threads.

    • Thank you kindly for all your compliments.If you zoom in on my umbrella holding hand (sorry, the pics are low res, they’re photographers proofs) you’ll catch a glimpse of my Milan cuffed shirt, made for the occasion. Details, details, details ;o)

    • Lovely photos mate ;0)

    • Very nice photographs !

    • Both just perfect. And the pride in your face makes the suit look even better.


    • Stunning bride, if I may say so, Steve. And nice pattern, that suit of yours.

    • Yes Kai, a very nice windowpane. 

      I have since worn it with a burgundy roll neck and suede Chelsea boots, to good effect. I can see I’ll get a lot of miles out of this one. 

    • You look absolutely spot on Steve -Your daughter looks sensational in that dress .


  • Iron at the ready -here we go again
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