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  • Day 2 of baking ANZAC biscuits for CWA Victoria as requested by the VRC - nearly 280 and counting... and that's just by myself! Please check out my Branch's FB page Cwa Eureka Rebelles...

    Dangerfield "Coney Island" top in red colourway

    Red Jacqui E crop button capris

    Sheer to waist stockings

    Red patent leather zizi by Florsheim flats


    • Impressive baking skils Becs, could do with a few more umbrellas right enough :-)

    • That's only a small collection, Chris! I do have more colours! ;-)

    • Cheers Chris!

      I'm thinking of joning the WI as some of them will be coming to Melbourne in April... Enjoy!

    • You must be doing almost as well on the umbrella front as the clothing one then Becs, and no, please dont start an umbrellas thread ha ha. I would have thought you were a bit young to join the WI but saying I know next to nothing about them I could be mistaking them for some other mob.

    • At 35? Too young? Bah! Some women think that of CWA too... and that we're only known for tea and scones... :-/

      In CWA of Victoria, we have young girls/women up to the age of 25. The WI as far as Women's groups go, was founded in 1915, whereas CWA of Victoria was founded in 1928. We're not as young as CWA of NSW or Queensland CWA, but just like the WI, we are all a part of thr ACWW - Associated Country Women of the World. There will be a World Conference in Melbourne this April, but my Branch the Eureka Rebelles will not be attending, but there will be Members from the WI going.

      I promise I won't start an umbrella thread. All I can say is I have a mixture of vintage and also modern clear, birdcage style brollies like Her Majesty because it's that kind of 1960s throwback aesthetic that I like come rain or shine! :-)

    • Some fine information there Becs, I am now in the know about umbrellas and ACWW, CWA of NSW, and the WI. The Eureka Rebelles sound as mad as a convention of hatters and I am not surprised to hear they will not be attending. I assume they will all be in the boozers getting drunk on Castlemaine xxxx ha ha

    • We wouldn't be caught dead drinking that shite! ;-) More like Ballarat Bitter... which no longer exists!

      In the early stages of trying to set up the Branch just before Xmas last year, we went to one of the local boozers for Xmas lunch and I decided to wear an elf costume for a laugh... My Group President/Eureka Rebelles Mentor - who is in a different Branch within our Group - liked my outfit. I told her used to wear it for a Xmas in July event that my [Skinhead] mates in Melbourne would put on annually and I thought it needed to be worn again. In stereotypical Mod style I wore it with white opaque tights and black mary janes... ;-)  Naturally, the Ballarat yokels (I mean, locals) in the pub were taken aback, but In the words of Alfred E Newman... "What, me worry?!" Maybe this year, I'll wear my Mrs Claus costume this year. :-D I used to wear it for a Xmas scooter club do when I was in a club in Melbourne long before all the b'shit infected the Club... :-/

    • I cant believe a good Aussie like yourself refuses to drink such a fine 1980s beer MG. It probably goes back longer than that I assume but it only came over here in the 80s. I cannot say I ever liked it tbh and thankfully you never see it here anymore.  The fancy dress costumes sound perfect for such a mad bunch, you will have to post a photo the next time.

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