• Nice paisley tie to pull the checks and stripes together Tom.... works well.

      I don't think the jacket lapel width is wrong, considering the "Brian Jones" hairstyle ; it's just later mod (about 1965-66) than the much overemphasized  Quadrophenia period (63-64).

      Over all, it says "mod" loud and clear.

    • Just be careful in swimming pools :)

    • Interesting to see contrasting looks from Tom and Liam.

    • St Michael or Marks and Spencer made some great stuff. I have a vintage nightie and a vintage peignoir - nightie and robe - set and love them! Nice effort Tom!

    • The width of the lapels looks ok on that kind of jacket, Tom.

    • Different, but it works! Love those pockets.

  •  Dodgy attempt of mine at some form of pose, so please excuse it. Mac, and orange polo and snazzy  socks from Next. Loafers from Clarks. Got the 8-piece 'Baker boy' hat off Amazon. Adds a French look but also a nod to Victorian/Edwardian London (which fascinates me a lot, especially the painstaking clothing people wore even for manual work). I went for this hat as trilbys seem to have a no-no 'hipster' vibe amongst people my age these days.

    • Love those socks, great little detail that really makes the outfit!

    • Different but I like it.
    • Nice, Liam, especially the polo/socks detail!

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