• Thank you very much, Motown! Well you know, I have to blame somebody, otherwise it's harder to explain to my wife - a bit like a heroin addict who blames his junkie friends I guess, haha!
    • That is a picture of how simple it is to look the part. good colours and fabric choice, I would be more than happy wearing this myself.

    • Credit where it's due mate

    • Brilliant look!

    • A cracking look Motown. Reminiscent of a young Paul Newman mate.


    • Mighty fine collaboration of cloth Harry!

      Hope you're well sir.

    • Good thanks Harry - hopefully catch up soon somehow, somewhere. Much planned for this year?

    • I've said it before and ill say it again, You need to pull those weeds out sir!

    • Motown front garden real mess you could have busmans holiday and get it sorted for me
    • Only joking. You are of course as I've said many times "The Man"!!!

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