• Ronnie

      Further down the thread I´m wearing a light pink AoL shirt, along with the brown-beige puppy tooth jacket. As I know you're into AoL as well, it might be worth a try if you`re looking for one. Double french cuffs too, no white collar though...

    • Yes, I saw that one! :) Actually I ordered one of those from AoL quite some time ago, but they were sold out at the moment then. Will probably be going to London for a weekend or so later this summer, so I think I'll wait until then and do one of those "oh, look - here's a nice store, shall we pop in real quick?" at his shop then. ;)
    • Serious question, Ronnie, will you go with a pram? That subject stopped us from going to London until my Boy was 4.

    • Well, nothing is decided yet but I have a good friend who moved to London some years ago, so the basic plan is to use one of those babyharnesses to and from the airport and then maybe borrow a pram from her as she has offered us. No way would I want to try bringing a pram on a flight...haha!
    • I've done the flight and a pram... never again (shakes head).

    • Or the Underground. We went to Istanbul with a buggy in 2007, I hadn't realised the city's basically built on steep hills, haha!
    • Decent outfit that.
    • Yes, nice smart summer casual indeed, Graham. As Ronnie said; time to get the seersuckers out; decided on the one with the patch pockets (bottom pic) for today in the end.

    • Nice! I've been working on my Wiggins, but my hair is pretty light (gray!)

    • Especially like the top photo of the jacket Kai. But I assumed the watch was a Rolex !

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