• Just cool,

    • Two very nice outfits both of the latest ones Motown!
      Good to see a slightly more casual side of you too for once. ;)

    • You forgot the umbrella
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    • NO SOCKS!!! Arrrgh! Still suave however...

    • Earlier this week in deck shoes; you can't make it out that clearly here, but- NO SOCKS!!!

    • Nice one, Alan. With or without socks!?
    • Italy is something I badly need to do myself, though it seems you got out of Florence just in time...!?
    • Ha ha ha! my legacy continues MG.

      Viva le sans socks!

    • Looks a good collar on that PO and a decent length in the sleeve.  Can you report back on fit after you've washed it M? I'm fed up with buying shirts online at the minute. I've long arms and like a 36/37 sleeve. 35's ok for casual but any shrinking at that and its game over.

  • I'm not seeing any pictures?

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