• Another informative post as usual John; Iv'e never seen that dstinction between Modernists and Mods defined so clearly. I often wonder what the relationship between British Modernist and the American Beat Generation was ...... clearly there is a link, and I know there were a few British Beats (Not Beatnicks.... more like early Mods). Subject for another thread.... sorry folks!

    • That is generous of you Graham and Paloma, but it is an opinion. When I joined MG, my opinion of the sixties Mods was quite different. All I knew was that they had brought the name Modernists into disrepute by having massive punch ups with Rockers at seaside towns and causing public disorder and spoiling Holiday weekends for ordinary people and families, who were trying to have a nice day.

      The truth is that it was a very small minority of the Mod community, by and large teenagers who had bumped into people of a similar age who had a different culture. Because they were all young they expressed themselves the way young working class kids often do.

      What I learnt on MG was that these were kids. We only have to look at the photos to see this, yet they had rejected the established culture, especially in music and created a revolution. 

      Modernist role models were middle aged heroes like Sinatra, Ella, Sarah, Peggy and the jazz musicians like Monk, Miles, Ellington, Basie, Lester Young etc.etc.

      Mods kicked all  this into touch. They were clued in enough to retain that part of the fashion they liked and "The Sixties" was born.

      My memory of Beatniks is that they often enjoyed the some of the same music as Modernist but were not obsessed with looking smart in the same way.

      I was in Ronnie Scotts one night talking to the colourful Rik Gunnell. I did not know him, he was there at the bar and talked to everybody. There was a grey-haired, older guy collecting empty glasses. He was casually dressed and had an interesting haircut. It was what we called a Hamlet., short and just combed forward. (I sometimes had my hair razor-cut like this, when not having a College Boy cut.)

      Rik knew this bloke and said,"That's Gordon - the oldest Beatnik in town!"  I'm not sure if that gives you a sense of what I mean, Graham,  Gordon was in Scott's, and was different, but not out of place. As a by the way, I am about to read Kerouac's, On The Road. Your enquiry jogged my memory that it was on my to-read list. So don't be sorry about introducing ideas. I had not given it any real thought before, but I am now curious.

    • Trippy.

    • Haha, thank you!! 

  • My mainstream black outfit of yesterday. Finally I found something to wear with that old black tipped polo of mine.

  • Looking good !! More ladies the better on here

    • Great Harrington! Goes really well with the polo.

  • Good morning, Mod Generation. It's been a while.

    • You look fantastic.

    • Too long! The scene needs more ladies, Paloma. It's great to see Bettina and yourself posting photos in what is (sadly) a largely male dominated arena 

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