• Nice look, Baldjo; clean lines and  everything fits together nicely. Keep an eye out for some oxblood loafers to compliment that tie!

    • Very smart. Also something a little different, better than the normal boring dark suit.
    • thanks :)

  • A beautiful autumn day, so we walked to lunch at a local restaurant.

    Van Heusen polo shirt, Urban Outfitters muted beige POW check trousers, Baracuta Harrington and my favourite Indian red brogues. I am also wearing (close-up) a Trojan signet ring that my Mum bought me for my 18th. Incidentally, there was a local myth when I was a young to the effect that wearing a ring on your little finger meant you were Gay (we used another word back then) Consequently I put this ring away for years until I learned that it is quite appropriate to wear dress rings on the pinky ......and thenI was like; "OH MY GAAAAAAHHHHHD!!.........."

    • Fantastic casual look, Graham! The ring looks great and amazing how it still fits after all these years! Your mother would be proud.

    • Hahaha! Looking immaculate as per usual, Sir! ;-)

    • Very stylish coat . Is it tweed or is it vintage or a current label ?

    • It is a coat from the 60s via, label is Penguine and made of wool. a very good purchase.

    •  Nice one Bettina. You Becs and Paloma represent style over fashion. You need an eye for that. Fashion is easy. Read the label, you must be right. Good work girls. Proper.

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