• Go to my friend wedding party, vintage 3 button sport jacket, white oxford LS shirt, check trousers & tassel loafers

    • Nice look, Baldjo; clean lines and  everything fits together nicely. Keep an eye out for some oxblood loafers to compliment that tie!

    • Very smart. Also something a little different, better than the normal boring dark suit.
    • thanks :)

  • A beautiful autumn day, so we walked to lunch at a local restaurant.

    Van Heusen polo shirt, Urban Outfitters muted beige POW check trousers, Baracuta Harrington and my favourite Indian red brogues. I am also wearing (close-up) a Trojan signet ring that my Mum bought me for my 18th. Incidentally, there was a local myth when I was a young to the effect that wearing a ring on your little finger meant you were Gay (we used another word back then) Consequently I put this ring away for years until I learned that it is quite appropriate to wear dress rings on the pinky ......and thenI was like; "OH MY GAAAAAAHHHHHD!!.........."

    • Fantastic casual look, Graham! The ring looks great and amazing how it still fits after all these years! Your mother would be proud.

    • Hahaha! Looking immaculate as per usual, Sir! ;-)

    • Very stylish coat . Is it tweed or is it vintage or a current label ?

    • It is a coat from the 60s via, label is Penguine and made of wool. a very good purchase.

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