• An artistically folded pocket square sets the whole thing off, Edward... like it. Have you ever considered a tie pin rather tan a clip with a wider tie, Edward? It can look very stylish.

  • Grey one button suit 

    Navy waistcoat ( I thought it looked quite nice)

    Navy paisley slim tie

    White double cuff shirt

    White pocket square

    Black Chelsea boots

    • Thank you for your feedback :) I was just road testing the idea of the grey and navy combination. I think the colours are okay but the one button is slightly off I'd agree. I have now remedied this with a surprisingly nice 3 button number I recently got.  Tie is quite wide but I love the silk. 

    • Thank you :) TM Lewin ties are lovely, because I work there I get them at £7 a pop so I've a burgeoning collection of barber stripes, club ties, paisley ties etc... This tie was from a  local charity shop for £1.50 so a bargain. 

    • Our Edward clearly has an eye for a bargain!

    • That tie & waistcoat are a great combination!

    • Thank you :) I was going to do some chores and thought it would be a good chance to road test this idea I'd been working on. I thought some nice paisley would give it an extra kick. 

  • A better shot of those shoes, which I decided to lace diagonally, but I think they look better horizontally laced; diagonal would look better with "wing-tip" brogues; any other opinions out there? I's all about attention to detail!

    • Well Graham, to be honest I think I may have fainted if I had been presented with this socially lol.

    • Lovely shoes!

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