• A better shot of those shoes, which I decided to lace diagonally, but I think they look better horizontally laced; diagonal would look better with "wing-tip" brogues; any other opinions out there? I's all about attention to detail!

    • Well Graham, to be honest I think I may have fainted if I had been presented with this socially lol.

    • Lovely shoes!

    • It's a small detail, but I think horizontal would probably be better. Nice shoes!

    • Thanks for the feedback chaps; on reflection, I think I agree with horizontal on plain Gibsons, but Snow Runners Loake brogues look good with diagonal lacing ..... seems like a plan.

    • Agree horizontal 

    • Simon Burgundy grain .Loake 1880

    • Thank you Alan. The grain is a lovely leather. Combined that with a good rubber sole, and you have a great winter brogue. I also use burgundy Polish to make them a little different.
    • Yes Dainite rubber studded made in England. And yes a good quality wax Polish will keep winter out.
    • Nice sir. Personally I lace all my shoes horizontally. Apart that is for one pair of Simon burgundy grain 1880 brogues from Loake which are indeed diagonal. I Really don't know why I did it, but I like it now.
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