• Sharp!

    • Two very striking images ...... I haven't been on the sight for a while, so it's good to see some familiar members still posting great pics.

    • Thanks graham mate, i hope you're well
    • Very sharp dude! Really liking that colour combination and style Kai.

    • Discussing an accompanying PS in the DNA FB Group currently, Gary; I guess it will be a small flower pattern with orange being the predominant colour.
    • Super smart Kai as always.

    • Thank you Kai and thank you for being around Bro. Gary D and yourself are proper mates.

    • My pleasure Harry; looking forward to June!

  • Not me dancing when younger. Received this picture on  twitter from Merc London. It took me right back to the Sixties in the way that an image can when it looks right. The bouffant hair style of the girl on the right suggests that it is about 63/64. The other girl has a clean, more modern Sassoon-type hair style

    The picture has an atmosphere that reminds me of arriving early at a gig when there were always two girls who were the first to start dancing. They are not jiving. The twist became popular about 60/61 they could be doing that I suppose, or dancing with moves derived from the twist. 

  • You've picked some great images there Gary.
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