• Lol I do actually paint, on canvas though
    • A man of many talents Motown, sadly my painting prowess stretches no further than emulsioning....Ha-ha.

    • Who's that pale geezer on the left anyway!

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    • Love the psychedelic cushions Al, a perfect marriage with the cream sofa.
    • Well pass on my wishes to her mate, she certainly has talent in that respect. I have to admit I have never tried coffee and magic mushrooms, well not together anyway ha ha
    • That's Lord Sinclair to you; perfect attire even in his own living room, er, sorry, conservatory... ;-)
    • Ha-ha, the missus reckons it`s "Her" conservatory Kai, I`m only allowed in it when she is cooking the dinner :-)

    • You're allowed in with your shoes on? ;-)
    • Only quality shoes Kai ;-)

  • AOL suit (had to do a bit of skipping in the sauna) -looking for a tailor to take up sleeves a tad - local lad has done too many mailbags .

    DJ Brogues love em 

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