• Thank you Sir! Quite casual but what can you do with these temperatures... :-(
    • well Kai my recent observations here in England of what Men do in this hot weather is either go topless with baggy shorts and sandals or a tank top, tight denim shorts and bright trainers.

      I do like a bit of hot weather but there are downsides.

    • Sandals are ok as long as you wear white socks in them! :-D
  • Friday Boozer Get Up--Vintage guru Blazer-JTG shirt-Relco Strides-Loake Brighton----Pub will be full of Pirates and HillBillies With Huge Beards

    • Sure to stand out then, Scott. In the best way possible!
    • Dead smart Scott.
    • Went to a concert last night, well the sights I saw, a lad in shorts/t shirts/no socks...for a night out in the city???  Maybe ok if it was red hot and you were hanging out near the beach....most looked like they've been sleeping rough, not had a wash or ironed their clothes.  Baffling to me how people could go out like that.  I couldn't look like that in my house let alone out in public.  And I'm not saying this just because I like my clothes, I understand a lot of people couldn't care about clothes but surely if you're going out on a Friday night to the city you make some effort?  There was another older bloke, big fella (fat not muscle as far as I could tell), wearing shorts and a skin tight t-shirt outside a club....a club.

    • Love this post. I have been laughing to myself about it since it was posted, especially the last sentence.

      You get ready to go out. You have a final check in the mirror before you leave home. You check yourself again in the reflections in shop windows as you approach the club. You turn the corner. There is a fat bastard in cheap tight shirt and a pair of shorts standing outside the club.

      You go back home.

    • lol.

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    • Really like that top Kai, and the poster is pretty stylish too it has to be said. You could do with shaving your right shoulder right enough ha ha
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