• sounds like a potential lawsuit to me.

    • The local council are too wise for that Dave, one whiff of a claim and they would have their pave layers on the job before you could blink, denying the raised stone ever existed.

    • Quick take a picture then off to the solicitors.

    • Our council says that to make a claim the pavement un even-ness, has to have an height of at least three inches above the adjacent stone, sadly it was only an inch and a quarter.................conning b**tards :-(

    • Body popping again eh Al? You'll end up with a bald patch if you keep spinning on your head. Ha, ha, (I do hope you're joking and if not what ward are you on, I'll send you some flowers and grapes ;0)

    • Ha-ha, sadly not joking Gary, due to the fence that was there stopping me falling onto the road and undoubtably under the X5 bus`s wheels, I managed to avoid the A&E dept of our local hospital, Ibuprofen and hot water bottles for me for the next day or two. Thanks for the kind thought of Grapes and flowers though, but the body popping will to wait a while ;-)

    • Damm Alan, hope you're ok mate
    • Soldiering on Harry, my pride was hurt more, due the crowd of people cracking up laughing, just behind me ;-)

    • Look after yourself Bro :-)
    • Cheers Harry any leg training will have to be put on hold.......Ha-ha.

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