• Great isn't it, sure beats hot weather all the time, yawn.

    • I know! A game of paisley footy anyone? Ha, ha.

    • I'm up for a kick about Gary :-)
  • Very casual for me today

    Smedley sea island cotton breton style t-shirt

    Gap boot cut jeans

    Clarks dessies.

    • A very cool, calm and casual summer look there Alan ;0)

    • Cheers Gary, I wasn`t looking cool an hour later, when I tripped on some un-even pavement, spraining my ankle and popping the disc`s out in my lower back.....Ha-ha.

    • sounds like a potential lawsuit to me.

    • The local council are too wise for that Dave, one whiff of a claim and they would have their pave layers on the job before you could blink, denying the raised stone ever existed.

    • Quick take a picture then off to the solicitors.

    • Our council says that to make a claim the pavement un even-ness, has to have an height of at least three inches above the adjacent stone, sadly it was only an inch and a quarter.................conning b**tards :-(

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