• Great look, Harry. What's the shoes?
    • Now that's a good look mate
    • Thank you Mark, very much appreciated
    • Very smart Motown ! Always spot a Smedley a mile off !!

    • Thank you Andy, you're a gentleman.
    • Super sharp style as always Motown.

    • Thanks Gary, I really appreciate it. Especially from a cool guy like yourself :-)
    • Nice smart casual look Harry, John Smedley polo??

    • Thanks Alan, yes John Smedley :-)
  • Just got back from a spot of afternoon tea with a friend in town...

    Plain black long-sleeve roll-neck from Supre that I've had for many years now - not a JS, but I know I need one!! I think I may have mentioned Supre is like Boden.

    1960s, Mod vintage, Black/Cream Hobnobber chain detail dress - a bit school girlish, but I love it

    RESERVED intage 60s 70s Black & White Plaid Check Shift Dress Sz US 6 8 Aus 10 12

    A pair of Sandlet "Easy Steps" basketweave tasseled loafers - see opening item on the "What I bought Today" thread

    Sheer, control top stockings

    My latest BS purchase on eBay - this coat

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