• Some time last week; back home since last night, sadly. A genuinely strange feeling to put on socks this morning for the first time in 2 weeks...

    • Hello Kai. I don´t know what it´s like in Essen at the moment but down here it´s definitely NOT socks weather. Looks like a very pleasant setting where you were.

    • Pissing down; unangenehm schwül, Bavarian! :-(
    • Sorry to hear that. Had some hot days here, the streets were empty and I was mostly hiding under the sofa. It has cooled down a bit now and you can be outside again.

    • I think I'm known for loathing the Summer on here, but it Leaves you with so little options about what to wear, haha!
    • I discovered sports clothes this summer, those synthetic fabrics that are sooo comfortable and make you stay cool. Absoulutely wonderful when it´s hot outside even if not very mod looking. I don´t know why it took me so long.

    • Agree the Fred colour is superb  

    • Thanks Richard; I really love it; brought it while at the Glasgow Mod Weekender late June.
    • Really like the colour of that Fred, Kai, but as you got there before me, in Glasgow, I have just bought a plain pink one for my hols, with light blue crest and no trim ;-)

    • Must be white Levi's week.... I wore them to work today with a fitted blue and white polka-dot shirt....The girls at the office pretty soon made me regret that decision - Ha Ha! Now I feel better knowing I'm in such illustrious company!!

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