• A bit of a Spring came early to Ballarat today during Winter today... Time for a an early 1960's/Mod-inspired outfit during the day en route to visit an ill elderly former neighbour in hospital...

    Alannah Hill "Light Up My Life" dress, collarless jacket and matching bag (without chain strap)

    Sheer stockings

    Black, vintage Bruno Magli shoes

    White, vintage wrist-length gloves

    • My daughter is a Mod, Bec she reckons you look, " well smart". I make her right.

    • Thank you both from me!

      As I'm not on FB John, PM me and I can give you my email address for her...
    • Class Bec ;-)

    • Seems we were both in green and white... I love that!

      Love the pose! ;-)
    • Ha-ha, thank you Bec, it was a sort of "Hurry up and take the pic", I`m hungry, pose ;-)

    • Yeah class!
    • You should have seen me in a gift store...

      The 2 staff that were there stopped what they were doing, talked amongst themselves (about me, I thought) and the following conversation ensued when one of them came up to me:

      "We were just saying how gorgeous you look... Where did you get your dress?" (I had my jacket buttoned up)
      "It's a suit, actually. It's from Alannah Hill..."
      "It's most certainly eye-catching, really nice"
      "Thank you. I love it, too..."
  • John Simons Madras Popover


    Black Bass Weejun Loafers 

    • Sounds cool Edward, post a picture mate
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