• Yeah class!
    • You should have seen me in a gift store...

      The 2 staff that were there stopped what they were doing, talked amongst themselves (about me, I thought) and the following conversation ensued when one of them came up to me:

      "We were just saying how gorgeous you look... Where did you get your dress?" (I had my jacket buttoned up)
      "It's a suit, actually. It's from Alannah Hill..."
      "It's most certainly eye-catching, really nice"
      "Thank you. I love it, too..."
  • John Simons Madras Popover


    Black Bass Weejun Loafers 

    • Sounds cool Edward, post a picture mate
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    • Great pic Gary, bring back those old phone boxes ;-)

    • Always cool Gary
    • Even the glasses suit you, Sir... ;-)

    • Cheers Kai. Inevitably the time comes, when enhanced viewing of the world around you is essential for survival. Uneven pavements not withstanding, eh Al? ;0) 

    • Ha-ha, yes Gary, I doubt wearing my Gegs would have prevented, my mishap, but on the mend now, discs are becoming less painful and so is the ankle, even managed a bit of training today ;-)

  • Yesterday

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