• It was a right laugh Chris, dispite the smashed in hooter lol. So many of punters were seeing and hearing ghosts that i just couldn't. I even sat alone in this notoriously haunted cell. I spent half an hour calling out to this apparently active spirit. In all honesty I felt I was talking to myself and in effect I was. Lol the hilarious thing was as soon as I hurt myself the collective believers agreed it was my mockery of the ghosts that had caused the incident. My thoughts remain the same, pitch black and an unfamiliar space = potential hazard lol. Whatever the case I've been roped into another paranormal party lol. I'll report back any further beating I receive;-)
    • It sounds like the sort of thing I would enjoy mate. (Not the injury part) Like yourself I am slightly cynical but I will admit to having an open mind on the subject. If you get injured again I for one will certainly become a believer; once is fine but a second occurence would be more than a coincidence ha ha
    • Lol that's exactly what I said Chris, any more injuries and I'll need a rethink on the ghost thing. Hope you're cool Chris and tell the chaos I send my best :-)
    • That doesn't sound much of a defence Chris.

    • Not really mate, but it is the only one I can submit, poor or not.
  • Last Tuesday, we both lost our beloved former neighbour Evelina who we had been visting on and off in hospital for close to 2 months. Today is her funeral, so here is my funeral attire. Vintage meets vintage-inspired; late 1950s/early 1960s.

    Black leather, 1960s, Waldybag handbag

    RESERVED FOR REBECCAH 1960s Waldybag Handbag– 5 Compartment Accordion - Zippered Pocket with Red Interior – Gold Piping - Lid Snaps to Close

    Black wrist length vintage gloves - not shown

    1960s, Mod, double-breasted, wool, vintage coat by The Halle Bros Co -

    Stop Staring! "Almira" 1950s/early 1960s-inspired dress

    Stella McCartney for Target (2010) black hat

    Black, round vintage clip on earrings - not shown

    Vintage, black, Bruno Magli shoes - not shown

    Sheer, control top stockings

    Evelina was a wonderful Italian elderly lady who knew how to design and make clothes - without a pattern and before arthritis kicked in and her late husband Mario became ill with dementia. In the brief time we were neighbours - over 6 years, before we moved house - she always enjoyed seeing my latest purchases, incluiding the earrings I am wearing today. There were the offerings of advice on what alterations I should have done to a garment, whenever necessary be it over a cuppa, lemonade or the occasional small brandy she'd offer me with a few Tim Tam biscuits or chocolates on the side. RIP my dearest friend and [former] neighbour... Michael and I will certainly miss - but never forget - you.

    • Real sorry Bec, chin up Lass ;-)

    • Cheers Al. It's just been one of those years. :-/
    • Sorry to hear about your loss Bec, here's a hug x
    • Thanks Harry. X I'm catching up with her youngest daughter some time soon. We all miss her dearly. Eating Ferrero Rocher (or any chocolate) or Tim Tams biscuits and drinking nips of brandy from time to time (she would push these on Michael and I) will never be the same. :-(
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