• Doing well, Harry. Just got back from a sojourn into Melbourne for the last week or so... x
    • Good to hear that Bec :-)
    • That suede jacket looks REALLY cool, Harry!
    • Cheers Kai, much appreciated bro
    • Smart as ever mate. Have to admit I have heard that old walked into a shelf in a de commissioned prison story often before. Just as long as your jacket wasn't spoiled, you can deal with buckled nose. I have lived with one all my life ha ha
    • Lol cheers Chris, luckily I wasn't wearing it. It happened on a most haunted ghost hunt thing with Jan. The funny thing about it is, I don't believe in ghosts and all that And the ticket was a gift. The nose is fairly straight, which is a relief as I had it straightened 6/7 years ago from Saturday nights out lol.
    • It sounds like a fun trip H. I am not not convinced about ghosts either but who knows. I have certainly been to some places that have an eerie atmosphere but that could have been the imagination working overtime. Like yourself i managed to collect a few war wounds from my teeenage Mod days. In my defence i will say that i was rather stupid as a teenager and rarely learned from past mistakes. Glad you never had the cool jacket on when the claret was spilled as it is not that easy to shift.
    • It was a right laugh Chris, dispite the smashed in hooter lol. So many of punters were seeing and hearing ghosts that i just couldn't. I even sat alone in this notoriously haunted cell. I spent half an hour calling out to this apparently active spirit. In all honesty I felt I was talking to myself and in effect I was. Lol the hilarious thing was as soon as I hurt myself the collective believers agreed it was my mockery of the ghosts that had caused the incident. My thoughts remain the same, pitch black and an unfamiliar space = potential hazard lol. Whatever the case I've been roped into another paranormal party lol. I'll report back any further beating I receive;-)
    • It sounds like the sort of thing I would enjoy mate. (Not the injury part) Like yourself I am slightly cynical but I will admit to having an open mind on the subject. If you get injured again I for one will certainly become a believer; once is fine but a second occurence would be more than a coincidence ha ha
    • Lol that's exactly what I said Chris, any more injuries and I'll need a rethink on the ghost thing. Hope you're cool Chris and tell the chaos I send my best :-)
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