• Wore a scarf for the first time today, you can't beat the old tootal. Soon be with a Crombie and when it gets really cold the parka is coming out.
    • Yes! Me Top.. . First scarf today. Happy times ahead!
    • Surprised you guys have never worn a scarf before ha ha
    • Hahaha! There's always a first time, Chris! Maybe I'll try pants next week, haha!

    • As long as you don't wear them around your neck Kai, even if they are tootal pants ha ha
    • Hahaha stop it!
    • No bother mate. I will leave you to the wonderful new world of scarves ha ha
  • Forgive the style codes.

    Karen Millen dress DZ082
    Alannah Hill "As You Wish" coat - without capelet detail
    Olga Berg Black/white patent leather bag
    Clarks/V&A Swixties collab "Faye" pointy toe mary jane shoes.

    Monochrome Mod about Melbourne with girlfriends listening to Northern and Motown on a beautiful Spring day... Beautiful weather...
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    • Looking good Alan. Looks like a bit of a Squeeze for a big lad there mind you.
    • Ha-ha, cheers SR, more of a very narrow hall, than being a big lad I think ;-)

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