• Sharp as ever Alan - good eye for colour
    • Cheers Scott, appreciated mate ;-)

    • Rare to go out on a Sat, rare to go out with Mrs S or rare to go out on a Sat WITH Mrs S? ;-) Looking great, though.
    • Rare to go out on a Saturday, with or without Mrs S, Bec, I`m usually at work on a weekend.....sadly :-(

    • Tell me about it! It takes me almos 2 hours by public transport (on a Sunday) to get to my cash in hand job in Melbourne and I'm so tired by the time I get there - whether I go out the night before or not. Still grateful to do it though, as it's pocket money. Not that I'm saving it. :-/ I'm going to be going to an interview for a job near home on Tuesday, but it's not in the town, either. It's about 45 - 50 mins by bus. One of the few good things about working out there is I'm mates with the owners of a 50s/60s kitsch style cafe in the area. ;-)
    • Nice one Bec, good luck with the interview ;-)

    • Thanks Al. It's in a call centre - not telemarketing - but we'll see.
    • Very smart Alan mate
    • Cheers Harry, much appreciated mate ;-)

    • It`s a olive green, soft flannel large tattersall check Kai, not evident in the picture. The missus is suffering with a cold at the moment, as am I sadly, but otherwise she is fine thanks Kai ;-)

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