• Looks great Bec x

    • That was my DAY outfit...

      This is my night attire, but still in Melbourne.... going to a Soul night. Lucky I can go to my workplace and get changed!! ;-)

      Karen Millen scalloped dress - yes, I know I wore the same dress last year for my birthday...

      Clarks V&A collaboration Swixties collection "Faye"

      1960s vintage patent leather bag

      1960s, black wool, Halle Bros Co coat - the same one I wore to my late former neighbour's funeral

      Sheer to waist stockings with circular fishnets over the top - just keep a little warmer

    • Both great outfits, Bec!
  • Wore a scarf and also a hat last week, haven`t wore a hat for many years, except a cycling helmet of course....Ha-ha.

  • Wore a scarf for the first time today, you can't beat the old tootal. Soon be with a Crombie and when it gets really cold the parka is coming out.
    • Yes! Me Top.. . First scarf today. Happy times ahead!
    • Surprised you guys have never worn a scarf before ha ha
    • Hahaha! There's always a first time, Chris! Maybe I'll try pants next week, haha!

    • As long as you don't wear them around your neck Kai, even if they are tootal pants ha ha
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