• Thanks Chris mate, always appreciated
    • Wow! A smart dresser at such a young age already!
    • Very dapper indeed Gary, well smart young man. I had a pair of tose shoes as well, and I remember clearly the main reason for getting my mum to buy me them was for that compass thing. Shows we were also susceptible to marketing way back.
    • Perfect colour combination, Harry!
    • Cheers Kai appreciate it as always
    • My sentiments, exactly!

      Classic way to start the year, too...

    • Thank you Becc my friend
  • The Mod Generation Sharp Looks and Styles of 2017

    Here are some sharp looks and styles that I liked from the mod generation over 2017. By no means definitive and as always only a matter of personal taste.

    No prizes for spotting the 'rancid polecat' lurking amongst the sharpsters, just the satisfaction of having a good eye for style.


    • I think I know the person you are referring to Gary although I remember the Polecats having a more rockabilly style ha ha
    • Thought I deleted all pics of that big nosed balding Kraut!!! :-(
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