• Cool as ever mate, although maybe not temperature wise in the crombie. Great for last weeks weather right enough.

    • Cheers Chris, it was -1 that day in York, so I made a wise decision with the overcoat ;-)

    • We were there a few years ago Alan. It was December and it was freezing cold. A really nice town (or city) that I would love to visit again.

    • It is indeed Chris, my son lived there for 3 years whilst at Uni, cost us a bloody fortune too...Ha-ha.

    • Best dressed dad I bet! ;-)

    • In all of North Yorkshire? Wouldn't surprise me...

    • Thank you Bec ;-)

    • Without a doubt Kai....Ha-ha.

  • 39C and on way to go out and get take out. Wasn't cooking dinner in this heat...

    Red/white vintage dress with matching bag

    Black t-bar Fred Perry flats

    Sheer-to-waist stockings

    My brand new - via Afterpay - Raen Optics black "Figurative" sunglasses

    • Spot on Bec, as usual ;-)

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