• I am using a different PC Kai, which seems to be letting me comment, previously I was using my tablet and for some reason it won`t let me :-(

    • Anyway; welcome home, Mr Sinclair! :-D

  • Last Sunday afternoon scooter ride at the Museum of Australian Democracy at Eureka (MADE), on a semi humid day (just over 32C), followed a brief summer shower on the way home. Gotta love Ballarat weather... ;-)


    RESERVED Vintage 1960s Purse Shoes Pansy Purple Leather Vinyl Mad Men Bridal Fashions Size 8 9



    1960s, Mod purple thin polyester dress and matching belt

    1960s Purple bag and matching shoes - see 2nd photo

    1960s Shelta birdcage umbrella, clear with 2 shades of purple flower deisgn

    1960s style purple/pink/white scarf

    Late 1960s Mary Quant round sunglasses

    Sheer-to-waist stockings

    • Looking great Bec; something from a '60s spy movie about you!

    • As long as said spy movie is The Spy Who Loved Me and not that awful The Spy Who Shagged Me, we're OK.

    • Hahaha!

    • Like your outfit Al. No fuss and smart.

      Camera did you no favours, your hands look very large. Are you trying to hide something lol?.

      Congratulations to your lad. What did he study?

    • Batchelor of Science in Mental Health nursing John ;-)

    • It did occur to me that you were facing a free kick and the rest of the wall had departed mate.

      Very laudable degree. You and his Mum must be proud.

      I seem to remember Kai saying some time ago he worked in mental health nursing. 

    • That's correct John. Not the easiest of jobs... ;-)

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