• Batchelor of Science in Mental Health nursing John ;-)

    • It did occur to me that you were facing a free kick and the rest of the wall had departed mate.

      Very laudable degree. You and his Mum must be proud.

      I seem to remember Kai saying some time ago he worked in mental health nursing. 

    • That's correct John. Not the easiest of jobs... ;-)

    • Ha-ha, yes John, protecting the Crown jewells so to speak. Yes we were very proud, he has came a long way since being a teenager who thought washing a tea cup was too much hard work ;-)

    • Rightly so Al. Of course if I am right about Kai, you may have to make room for 20,000 vynyl albums once he starts work. You better hope he into Mod.

    • Haha make that 2000, John! ;-)

    • Thank you very much John, yes Lord knows how she took that pic, though I do actually have quite big hands, I agree they look like the ones Kenny Everett used to wave about......Ha-ha.

    • Love the outfit, shoes in particular. Where is the suit from?

    • Suit by Adam of London Edward, They are well made and fit me beautifully ;-)

    • I've been thinking of getting one for when I get a better job, what's the fit like?

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