• Ha-ha, yes John, protecting the Crown jewells so to speak. Yes we were very proud, he has came a long way since being a teenager who thought washing a tea cup was too much hard work ;-)

    • Rightly so Al. Of course if I am right about Kai, you may have to make room for 20,000 vynyl albums once he starts work. You better hope he into Mod.

    • Haha make that 2000, John! ;-)

    • Thank you very much John, yes Lord knows how she took that pic, though I do actually have quite big hands, I agree they look like the ones Kenny Everett used to wave about......Ha-ha.

    • Love the outfit, shoes in particular. Where is the suit from?

    • Suit by Adam of London Edward, They are well made and fit me beautifully ;-)

    • I've been thinking of getting one for when I get a better job, what's the fit like?

    • The fit is spot on Edward, trousers are more boot fit,than super fitted like the jump the gun ones and the jacket is fitted cut, slightly nipped in at the waist, ideal for my shape mate, Adam suits are exactly how I would ask for a suit if it was being made to measure

    • Congratulations on your lads graduation Alan and very smart look. ;0)

    • Cheers Gary, the best thing is, he is now earning far more than me and won`t be tapping me for cash anymore.......Ha-ha.

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