• Like the parka you are wearing there Gary, looks rather warm and heavily padded. Yes the dog we got 4 months ago, at 8 weeks old, she is a Lakeland terrier and a proper character ;-)

    • Clobber well suited to the weather Alan mate :-)

    • Cheers Harry, good sense prevails in this weather ;-)

    • Gortex Chris Brasher Hillmasters Chris, I used to do a lot of hiking/fellwalking, so I invested in a decent pair of all weather boots, these are over 15 years old and still do the job very competetently, along with the old Alpha Industries Parka, they have served me well. I like to walk around the estate every now and then, making sure we have no poachers or fly tippers.....Ha-ha.

    • Well you certainly need the correct footwear for hillwalking and hiking mate. The last time I diid it I never realised my boots were leaking and it turned from a lovely to a miserable walk. I actually remember driving my scooter in the snow a few times. It was not quite as bad as this but it was deep enough.

    • Well I have to say that I had boots similar to those on yesterday and today along with the US parka Alan. Much as I love mod clothing there is not really anything good foowear wise for this weather so needs must.

    • Dusty looks immaculate! ;-)

    • Pretty in pink Kai ;-)

    • Well just to make you feel good it’s a breezy 85F today here in Florida!

      Chris Cameron posted a pic of several inches of snow piled against his front door. My front door opens outwards so if we ever got that here I’d be housebound!

    • It is the heaviest snow I have seen for a good few decades Rod. Its just as well you do not have such conditions in Florida, not good for your inward door or the Alligators ha ha

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