• Well just to make you feel good it’s a breezy 85F today here in Florida!

      Chris Cameron posted a pic of several inches of snow piled against his front door. My front door opens outwards so if we ever got that here I’d be housebound!

    • It is the heaviest snow I have seen for a good few decades Rod. Its just as well you do not have such conditions in Florida, not good for your inward door or the Alligators ha ha

    • Ha! I don't think I had that today... and my Summer's just finished here. It was quite cool in the morning (Thursday) - spitting rain and then it got really warm only to be cold at night. I can't keep up. Forecast for this Saturday is predicting at least 85F, though.

    • Ha-ha, yes just as well you don`t  Rod, 85F, it`s a long time since I`ve seen those temepratures, we are lucky if we get those temperatures in the height of our Summer and that would be in the South of England, not the North :-)

    • Very smart Alan 

    • Much appreciated Harry ;-)

  • This outfit was put together for an entry in a selfie challenge on Styleforum to emulate a drawing from Jim Ferguson’s Fashion Notebook in Nick Knight’s book. Check out for the comparison shot and details. 

    • Very smart Rod

    • Cheers lads. Should post more pics but I’ve been working from home a lot lately and haven’t had much reason to suited up!

    • Timeless 

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