• Thanks,Alan; and without Simon jumping into the pic this time... :-D

    • Dressed to kill Kai ---Holsten Pils tonight ?

    • Gerolsteiner Sparkling water tonight, Scott... but there'll be beer time tomorrow and Monday at gigs in Cologne... ;-)

    • Jesus ! -  Gerolsteiner sparkling water -sounds awful !  Take it your resting your liver for your Linz Bash ?

    • Haha, just a little, Scott; gonna give it plenty on the night to May 1st, which is a holiday and I'm off to see Fay Hallam with Il Senato supporting the Stems with some mates.No mercy for the liver then! :-D
  • Rain wind and more wind -sky blue sta prest retired-no use in rain town 

    • Can,t beat a good Mac, Scott, an essential part of any discerning Modernist,s wardrobe, in my opinion, smart, sensible look mate ;-)

    • Nice Scott,is that a JTG mac mate?

    • Indeed it is Billy -love em -sold the family cow to get a third one .

      always get nervous with JTG  -if you miss the size boat -have to wait a while for any joy 

    • Cheers Scoot,been thinking of getting one for the 4 weeks of winter we get here! Just wondered how you felt it come up size wise? True to form? Bit of a bugger posting back from Oz if its not spot on,im usually a 38(M).Ta.

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