• Nice Scott,is that a JTG mac mate?

    • Indeed it is Billy -love em -sold the family cow to get a third one .

      always get nervous with JTG  -if you miss the size boat -have to wait a while for any joy 

    • Cheers Scoot,been thinking of getting one for the 4 weeks of winter we get here! Just wondered how you felt it come up size wise? True to form? Bit of a bugger posting back from Oz if its not spot on,im usually a 38(M).Ta.

    • Billy -you should be laughing with a 38 ---think they have banged in some new colours -olive -brown .


      trouses from JTG can be more of a science 


    • Cheers Scott.

    • Mac attack Scott, looks like we've all reached for the raincoat these last few weeks. A good look fella ;0)

    • Photographer shot for trouser gaf

    • Looking good despite the dreary weather Scott. Here's hoping it picks up for Troon in a few weeks.

    • Yes Chris here's hoping for Troon -love the 45s and the line up Saturday night looks great .


    • Really looking forward to  it Scott. Even if the weather is crap it will still be good but it is always more pleasant strolling around admiring the scoots when you are not getting soaked.

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