• Yeah, everyone might look smart H. But can they dance? Ha, ha...

    • Lol ive got my shuffle down brother -)

    • And I bet it's the Harlem! Ha, ha. Nice one bro ;0) 

    • The Rolling Stones version or Bob & Earl's, Gaz? ;-)

    • Bob & Earl, the fast vesion ;0)

    • The Actions'!

    • I don't care if I can; I simply get on the floor and do it... :-D

    • Me too!

      I love going to see the local soul band and twice already, I've been up on the stage (without their permission) and dance right next to them... as I've been one of their loyal supporters and they love my attire that they're not worried... The first time I did it, my friends had a good laugh at the fact I just had the audacity to do it and knew I could get away with it. I'm sure the rest of the [Ballarat] audience is wondering how I can just do that. I often get complimented on my outfits and 'moves' from the yokels - I mean locals - after the gig/or a set is finished. :-)

      I love watching the local ska band also, knowing I'm the only one who KNOWS how to dance to that kind of music... You can't explain to people here in Ballarat what ska is. :-) The only thing I don't like about them is that they usually play the same songs... :-(

    • You've got the soul Kai ;0)

    • .... with my feet the wrong way round, Gary, haha! I'm a passionate dancer; it's for others to judge if I make a tit of myself. But I suppose it's not THAT bad... :-)

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