• Classic cool Gary mate.

  • Spruced up my work suit with a skinny tie and tab collar. 

    • Looking cool Edward, an ear-piece on view and you could pass for a bilionaires personal security ;-)

    • Very smart Edward

    • Thank you :)

    • You're very welcome mate

    • Nice work Edward - undoubtedly the best man in the office!

    • Although you may well still be the best man in the office - I meant to type "best dressed"!

    • Haha thank you! I'vd been eyeing up a Brooks Brothers 3/2 roll sack suit so hopefully that'll make an appearance. 

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    • Cheers Gary mate, from that angle it could be a golf bag, but it happens to be the wifes handbag. I did however try to add golf to my many sporting hobbies but got progressively worse, the more i played, which told me it just wasn,t my game. Not sure if my memory serves me correctly, but weren,t the "Perry boys", Mancunian casuals, being named for their preference of the Fred Perry polo :-)

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