• so envious Bec! I hope you had a great time and I'm sure she was envious of your outfit! :-)


    • One of the best nights, Ian! I wouldn't say envious as I was freezing on my way to yhe venue... She was all rugged up and warm and what she decided to wear onstage was remarkable... I don't know many 71-year-olds who would dare wear what she did! ;-)

    • Excellent Bec and looking the part, asusual ;-)

    • Cheers Alan! It was a great night and I'm still talking about it. Went to a 59 Club "British Invasion" music night last Saturday and as soon as you see the clip for Tin Soldier, I've said "I met her almost two weeks ago in Melbourne..."

    • The pics are upside down cos you’re down under?

      i heard the water swirls the other way down the plug there too!

    • Hahaha Rod!

      Yes, I saw that Simpsons episode too. Very amusing! Don't know kids called Tobias, though+ ;-)

    • Very smart and thats very cool, hope you had a fantastic time Bec x

    • It was a blast, Harry. Tim Rogers from You Am I (a band from my youth) was pretty average, singing Tin Soldier though. Her vocals on that alone were just magical as the day she recorded it!

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    • Cool summer outfit Gary, a blazer in the same pattern as the shorts, would be nice too, seperately of course, not part of the summer outfit that is ;-)

    • Cheers Kai and Al. That would look good on some but the plaid look blazer has never suited me. With being 5'6" in stature, I tend to go with vertical stripes or plain block patterns... I'm on the lookout for this striped seersucker blazer, off the rack or bespoke.

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