• Often these rare finds of indistinct background are the best, Harry! ;-)

    • Yep, kudos on the jacket.

    • Cheers Dave, much appreciated mate.

    • Yes, agree with these guys, great look and lovely jacket Harry ;-)

    • Thanks a lot Alan mate :-)

  • 14756166?profile=original


    VIP coming through, make way!!

    It's about 11C and I'm on my way to meet and greet PP Arnold in Melbourne...

    Please forgive my facial expression, I was bloody freezing, even with the ducted heating on!

    • Jacqui E (Made in Australia) 3 button grey suit, side vents in the skirt, not in the jacket. The label doesn't make their stuff in Australia anymore...
    • Rhodes & Beckett white shirt
    • 1960s, vintage black wool tie and gold tone vintage tie clip
    • Sheer, control top stockings - gotta keep my bum warm
    • Florsheim womens "Mirrored" penny loafers

    Not shown, my BS black trench coat and black trim birdcage Clifton brand umbrella... and naughty me didn't wear gloves, either. Tsk, tsk..

    It was really bucketing down by the time I got to Melbourne.

    • so envious Bec! I hope you had a great time and I'm sure she was envious of your outfit! :-)


    • One of the best nights, Ian! I wouldn't say envious as I was freezing on my way to yhe venue... She was all rugged up and warm and what she decided to wear onstage was remarkable... I don't know many 71-year-olds who would dare wear what she did! ;-)

    • Excellent Bec and looking the part, asusual ;-)

    • Cheers Alan! It was a great night and I'm still talking about it. Went to a 59 Club "British Invasion" music night last Saturday and as soon as you see the clip for Tin Soldier, I've said "I met her almost two weeks ago in Melbourne..."

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