• Despite cold weather, I was a little warm with that cardi on. Later on, I wore the red and white dress I had worn earlier this year when it 39C with a nice red coat from Review Australia to keep me warm, also. Ended up not wearing the coat for most of the night because the sports bar my mates and I went to was PACKED, so I got warm that way! Great match! Go England!!

      This dress:

      This coat:

      I didn't wear my red "Minnie" pumps from Review, so just wore some black, 1960s vintage shoes and sheer stockings, instead. Hardly a football kit.... ;-)

      My Dress of the day!
      We are all hooked on clothes and talk about them here. It is one of our fave passion, so to complete Ms Mod Goddess "what i bought today", let's expr…
  • From last week. Full details at



  • Top work Gary. nice watch :-)

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    • Interesting Alain -I haven't got the vision for that combo 

      very smart as usual 

    • Cheers Scott, it probably wasn,t the wisest choice of attire, given the temperature, particularly in the restaurant

    • Very smart Alan mate.

    • Much obliged Harry mate ;-)

    • Looking immaculate, Alan! ;-)

    • Thank you very kindly Kai ;-)

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    • Again, a nice summer look Gary ;-)

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